9th Annual Burger Bash

9th Annual 

September Hand Crafted Burger Bash
5 different hand crafted burgers each week for 4 weeks, total of 20 burgers during September!

Vote for your favorite burger each time you try one, 20 guests will win burgers each month for a year!

All  Burgers are 1/2 pound fresh ground  Black Angus Beef,

Rico’s 50/50 burger is ground daily and hand pattied daily in house

50% Chuck & 50%  Smoked Bacon!

Choice of buns on all burgers are:  Brioche, Pretzel, Onion Roll or Multi Grain
All served with Beer Battered French Fries & Cole Slaw 



Week #4 Sept. 25 – 30

Stuffed Bleu Cheese & Bacon Burger:  Bleu cheese stuffed into the middle of Rico’s 50/50 burger, topped with hickory smoked bacon & crispy onion tangles
(pairs well with Keweenaw Black Widow or Cabernet Sauvignon)

Guacamole Bacon Burger:  Rico’s 50/50 grind pilled with homemade guacamole, thick cut peppered bacon &  pepper jack cheese

Kansas City Burger:  One half pound of Black Angus burger with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, hickory smoked bacon and melted Brie cheese
(pairs well with Pinot Noir)

Honky Tonk Burger:  One half pound of Black Angus burger with thick cut peppered bacon, Wisconsin Brick cheese, crispy onion tangles, served with BBQ sauce
(pairs well with  Merlot)

Turkey Melt:  seasoned ground turkey topped with smoked  bacon, sautéed leeks and caramelized onions with melted gorgonzola cheese
(pairs well with Fishtown White)