Meat Ball Grinder

Meat Ball Grinder $8.99 Our own 50/50 beef and bacon blend meat balls with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese on our home made bread.

Boss Hog Grinder

Boss Hog Grinder $8.99 Our pulled pork, country ham, smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, with lettuce, tomato, and pickles on our home made bread.

Ham & Cheese Grinder

Ham & Cheese Grinder $8.99 Country ham stacked high with your choice of cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo on home made bread.

Italian Grinder

Italian Grinder $8.99 Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, provolone cheese, red onion, yellow peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickles and italian dressing on our home made breads.

Nutty Chicken Salad Sandwich

Nutty Chicken Salad Sandwich $8.99 Our homemade chicken salad with walnuts and raisins on a croissant roll with lettuce and tomato.

Chicken Club Sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich $8.99 Grilled chicken breast, hickory smoked bacon, country ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a grilled ciabatta roll.

Philly Beef *

Philly Beef * $8.99 Our tender prime rib, sliced thin, with sautéed onions and green peppers and domestic Swiss on a grilled ciabatta roll.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese $ 6.99 Grilled sourdough bread with your choice of melted provolone, swiss or american cheeses.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich $8.99 Made “in house” our slow roasted pork is hand pulled and sautéed with fresh green pepper, onion and cheddar cheese on a grilled homemade bread with a side of BBQ sauce.